Writing Prompts for Kids

Children love to write. But occasionally, they have trouble finding a topic or starting point for a journal entry or short story. Fortunately, there are a variety of writing prompts for kids available, to spark any child’s interest.

Storystarters by Scholastic

Storystarters by Scholastic takes a whimsical approach to generating prompts. Children are asked to submit their first name and grade level, up to grade six. The generator itself is styled as a slot machine, complete with sound effects. Four wheels, each with part of the prompt, spin when the lever is clicked upon. Additionally, each part of the prompt can be generated or changed separately by clicking on a button below its window. A typical spin might produce the prompt, “Write a myth about a jittery avocado who is always getting in trouble with her parents.” Each push of the button or spin of the lever can create nearly an infinite variety of prompts for creative-minded students. Storystarters also allows students to choose what format they would like their story printed: a notebook, letter, newspaper or postcard.


Bruce Van Patter is an illustrator and author of children’s books. He created the Storykitchen, a writing prompt generator for kids that creates the first part of the story for a student writer. Children choose a hero, a place, and a villain. The first few paragraphs of a story are generated, giving your child a starting point. While the choices are more limited than Storystarters, the beginning of each story is compelling enough to hold a child’s interest. Storykitchen provides fifty writing prompts for kids to create a story.

The Writing for Children Resource Site

The Writing for Children Resource Site was produced by Ken and Karen Bledsoe, children’s book authors. It provides a variety of writing prompts for kids via a set of more advanced prompt generators. The first generator asks students to click on a button to generate an adjective, noun, and a verb/phrase as a starting point for a story. The second generator produces three objects chosen at random, for use in the same story. The third generator produces six elements for the plot of the story, the protagonist, the antagonist, the story setting, the goal of the main character, an important event, and an important object. While this site is for more advanced students or higher grade levels, it does provide a wide variety of fiction writing prompts for students.

Jefferson County Schools Writing Prompt Generator

Jefferson County Schools, in Dandridge, TN has a writing prompt generator available on their website. Students are instructed to click on a button for a randomly generated prompt. While limited in scope, the generator provides a variety of prompts for writing both fiction and journal entries. Each prompt is designed to provoke thought for it’s user. Examples include, “A noise outside awakens you one night. You look out the window and see a spaceship. Write what happens next.” or “Write about a time when you did something that made you feel good.”