Online Writing Courses

Many aspiring writers look for formal instruction as part of shaping their voice. Formerly, people would have to enroll at a local university, or travel to participate in a nationally-renowned writing program. The internet now allows any writer to participate in a variety of programs from the comfort of your home. The last post examined free online writing courses. This one will review courses where a tuition is required.

The Gotham Writers’ Workshop

The Gotham Writers’ Workshop was founded in New York City in 1993 by two writers, Jeff Fligelman and David Grae. Prior to starting the school, both Fligelman and Grae had received graduate degrees in creative writing and had taught writing at a variety of schools and universities. Fligelman and Grae founded Gotham to provide students comprehensive classes on the craft of writing, which they had been unable to find anywhere else at the time. Since then, Gotham Writers’ Workshop has attained a reputation for quality writing instruction, and has branched out into online writing courses. Courses are available in a variety of topics, including creative writing, fiction writing, how to blog, poetry, humor writing, how to get published, and a variety of others. Courses generally run from four to ten weeks, and sample online courses are available. Class prices range from $150 for four week introductory classes, to $500 and beyond for more involved courses.

Writer’s Village University

Writer’s Village University, established in 1995, is an online community of writers providing advice, support and classes for writers of all levels. In addition to online support and advice for writers, Writer’s Village offers online writing courses, ranging from lessons for beginners, to beginning and advanced MFA courses. Classes are scheduled year-round for convenience, and often repeat at least once during the year. Seminars and workshops are also offered, along with an online community of peers for support and guidance. Over 300 classes and seminars are available, which can be taken with other village members or as self-study courses. Annual memberships are reasonably priced at $99 for the first year, and $69 annually for returning members. They can also be paid in monthly installments.

Writers College started as part of America Online’s Online Campus in 1992. It has evolved to its current state as a stand-alone provider of online writing courses. Over fifty courses are offered on a variety of topics. Courses are taught on a self-study basis, with a time limit for completion of the course and all assignments. Most courses offered are for beginning or intermediate level writers, with a few courses having prerequisites. Class fees range from $50 for one-week seminars, to $240 for an eight-week class. Most courses fall within the $120-$180 range.

Absolute Write

Absolute Write is a comprehensive informational website for writers of all levels. It covers information on all genres of writing, publishing, editing, and market research. Additionally, access is available to a large online community of writers and publishing professionals, writer’s workshops and writer’s organizations. While no online classes are offered, Absolute Write can be a useful online tool for any aspiring writer.