How you can get involved in the gaming industry and make the next big game!

Are you intrigued by the prospect of having a successful gaming career? If so, the United Kingdom is an excellent place to begin your journey. Gaming is one of the most fascinating industry to work in today because of its limitless possibilities. Every year, there’s more to discover, from gigantic immersive open worlds to smash hit smartphone apps.

There are now 215 undergraduate and 40 postgraduate gaming-related programmes available at UK universities. You can develop your talents in some of the most state of the art facilities in the world, thanks to unique teaching methods and the direction of some of the best gaming talent on the planet. Basically, you’ll get taught everything you’ll need to start creating the next big hit game!

The gaming industry is worth £90 billion globally and this figure is rapidly rising, because it’s constantly growing, there’s room for further development, this means that opportunities are being provided for ambitious young graduates across the world, The global market is set to reach £250 billion by 2025. 

Types of Gaming Courses

Gaming courses can be covered in different ways depending on what university or course you sign up to, in general, game design courses will teach a variety of concepts and abilities, beginning with game theory and progressing to the practical side of things. Some of them have state-of-the-art game labs where you can try out new technology like motion capture.

The types of gaming courses you can progress in are programming, marketing, and e-sports.

Programming – This will be the main core of developing the code, using complex programs like C++, Javascript, HTML 5, Python etc are all applications you will need to master to make the most interesting and world-breaking games.

Marketing – Most courses include a marketing component to help you understand how games are promoted, but there are also numerous options to gain the broader business skills required to start and run your own studio.

E-sports – Some universities offer specific gaming programmes, such as Esports, one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative sectors of the industry.

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