Best Blogging Sites

One of the best ways to communicate your opinion these days is through a blog. “Blog” is short for “weblog”, a phrase describing internet sites which have information frequently updated. Blogs may feature diary-type remarks as well as hyperlinks to articles on additional web sites, generally offered as a list of entries in reverse order. Blog topics vary from site to site, and may concentrate on one subject or an entire variety of subjects.

The majority of weblogs concentrate on a specific topic, such as real estate, interior design, sports activities, or consumer electronics. A few tend to be more varied, showing links to a number of various sites. Other blogs are online diaries, depicting the author’s everyday life and ideas.
There are a variety of sites available for putting up a blog. Here are a few of the best blogging sites.


WordPress is one of the best blogging sites available, and a popular open-source choice for bloggers, with many options to choose from. On WordPress, a user has the choice of establishing WordPress blog on your own server (for free) or creating a WordPress-hosted weblog from As WordPress has a large community of users and developers, there are a wide variety of plug ins, themes, and gadgets. While all the options may make WordPress a bit more difficult to set up, once it’s installed and operating you have an almost unlimited variety of choices and designs for your blog. WordPress is really a scalable answer which enables you to put up just one blog or several, and control all of them from a single point.


Blogger is a popular blogging service, made available free of charge by Google. Blogger’s draw is its simplicity, and can be set up almost immediately after getting an account. You can be posting your first blog entry within fifteen minutes, due to its simple set-up procedure. Blogger facilitates drag-and-drop theme modifying, geo-tagging for location-based blogging, as well as simple editing and posting through resources such as Google Docs, Microsoft Office, and Windows Live Writer. Blogger supports multiple users, so up to a hundred individuals can have editing privileges on the same blog.


Tumblr is a fascinating blend a between a full-fledged weblog and a Twitter feed. Referred to as short-form or micro-blogging, posts on a Tumblr account tend to be short and frequent, but with more content than one would expect on a Twitter feed. These mid-sized posts allow more space for visual media, such as photos or video clips. Tumblr’s middle of the road approach design is attractive to many, and the easy set up process in conjunction with the Tumblr’s casual approach to blogging is an appealing combination for those not wanting to invest a lot of time in maintaining a blog. If this is the first time you’ve run across the concept of micro-blogging, check Tumblr’s site for additional information about the micro-blogging culture. Many of Tumblr’s users rate it as one of the best blogging sites, due to its uniqueness.


SquareSpace is a business-grade blogging platform with packages available from $8-50 monthly. Packages are scalable, according to the volume of traffic you have each month. One thing setting Squarespace apart is its inclusiveness: Each package tier gets access to all the development tools available from Squarespace. Apart from a few options concerning volume of traffic and large website management, the smallest user has access to all the tools of the largest. These same tools were created to make designing a blog simple, even to newcomers. Squarespace’s plug and play design makes putting a blog together simple, easy and effective.